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     In the Lord Always!

                                                        (Philippians 4:4)



Whoever watches television can see young adults dancing wildly in discos, climbing mountains in spite of the dangers, and traveling around the world in huge balloons. They try to fill the emptiness in their soul through activities and personal efforts.


Another group makes money to enjoy comfort, forget their problems and live a lifestyle of sin and pleasure. We find others moaning because injustice fell upon them. They swear to take revenge by suicide bombing as redeemers for their nation.


Only a small number of people turn to God asking him,

“What must we do to be saved?”

“What do you want us to do and what should we not do?”

God’s mercy encourages the broken-hearted to lift up their eyes heavenwards to receive true comfort from the Holy Creator.


The number of people increases sinking in hopelessness, no longer having an aim or hope in this life. Can these miserable folk find hope in their misery? Are we all racing towards a nuclear war, which could destroy one third of the world’s population?


The comforting revelation


In the midst of worries and wars, the prophet Nehemiah heard a divine revelation as an answer to his prayers,

“Do not sorrow,

for the joy of the Lord

is your strength”

(Nehemiah 8:10).

Let us lift up our hearts to the living Lord, for he alone can grant us rest, hope and peace.

What was the special comfort that the prophet received by this revelation? The Lord told him that he, himself, is full of joy and gladness. He does not sit like Buddha, smiling and brushing aside peoples’ misery without caring for them. Our God is filled with active pleasure and saving joy. He brought forth the plan of redemption for all. The Omniscient knows that there is no one who does good, that all have become corrupt, that not one can mend himself or fill the emptiness of his heart with peace and joy. The Lord desires to renew sinners and give meaning and hope to their existence. Do not forget that the holy joy of God is your strength! He who repents before him receives power, comfort and courage. The Lord alone brings relief – and his spiritual kingdom is at hand.


The Redeemer is born


The night suddenly lit up over the hills of Bethlehem, when the angel of the Lord appeared in his shining glory to the shepherds keeping watch over their flock. They fell to the ground terrified, when the light of heaven shone around them. They thought the Day of Judgment had come without notice. They were greatly afraid, for their past sins woke up and appeared before their eyes. They wanted to escape judgment, but they could not, for the glory of the Lord pierced their gloom.


The angel who appeared to them neither scolded nor frightened them, but encouraged them,

“Do not be afraid,

for behold, I bring you good tidings,

of great joy

which will be to all people.

For there is born to you this day

in the city of David

a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”

(Luke 2:8-11).


With this mighty appearance, the angel of the Lord unveiled a new age, an era of joy and grace. God’s plan of redemption was turning out to be true. The angel invited all people to scoop and receive from the river of joy and peace, which flows out from God. The Lord did not pour his grace only on the godly and the righteous, but also on the evil and the corrupt. The angel did not issue the invitation first to scholars and the wise, but to the illiterate and ignorant that the knowledge of the Lord should enlighten them. This unique privilege was not granted just to men, but also to women and children, as well as to the weary and the sick. The joy of the Lord was brought to them all. Why did the angel of the Lord order all to rejoice? Because the Redeemer was born and his merciful work had begun.

Most regrettably, the majority of his nation rejected the Prince of Peace. They were not willing to change their minds. Their aim was power, money and a high living standard. They wanted to use deadly weapons to triumph over their enemies and to secure their victorious status.


The great offer of Christ


Instead, Christ gathered the repentant and the miserable who turned to God. He healed the sick who came to him, forgave them all their sins, drove demons out of the possessed, stilled the storm, satisfied his hungry listeners and confirmed to them,

“These things I have spoken to you,

that My joy may remain in you,

and that your joy may be full”

(John 15:11; 16:24).

Christ confirmed this divine secret in his intercessory prayer, declaring that his own joy could dwell fully in his beloved ones (John 17:13).


The Son of Mary did not offer his love to his followers alone, but also to his opponents and adversaries. He took away their sins and offenses and atoned for their iniquities. By his atonement, Christ reconciled all with the Holy One; so Christ has the authority to forgive the offenses of those who accept his justification by grace and to establish everlasting hope in them.


When the risen Son of Mary ascended in triumph to God, he poured out the Holy Spirit on all flesh (Acts 2:16-21). Whoever repents of his sins and is united in faith with Christ, will receive the spirit of love, joy and peace with longsuffering and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Revival begins in the lives of believers, through their renewal by the spirit of God. Those who mourn shall be comforted, the desperate shall gain hope, the evil-doers shall become righteous, and those who walk towards death shall live in the power of eternal life. From the time Christ reconciled us with God, his healing and cleansing grace flowed to humanity in abundance and gentleness.


Out of his spiritual experience, the apostle Paul wrote,

“Rejoice in the Lord always.

Again I say, rejoice!”

(Philippians 4:4).

The joy of God remains in everyone who focuses on his love, reads his words and keeps them. Christ encouraged and assured his followers saying,



Because your names are written in heaven”

(Luke 10:20).


Dear reader,


Do you live as someone lonely, lost or castaway? Or do you abide in the living Christ? He who clings to the Son of Mary partakes of his power and joy. Commit yourself to Christ, that eternal gladness may dwell in your heart amidst this godless world with its temptations and violence.


Are you established

in the joy of the Lord?


We are prepared to send you the Gospel of Christ, together with meditations, so that you can find in it the spring of God’s refreshing power. Read the Bible and pray daily, so that the Lord may guide you in the paths of his righteousness.


Share the joy of the Lord

with your friends


In case you enjoyed this leaflet and wish to give it to those who are hopeless and going astray, we would be pleased to send you some copies for you to pass on. Pray for those who accept this leaflet.


We are awaiting your letter. Do not forget to write your full address clearly. We pray that the joy of the Lord will fill you.



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